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  • 12 incredible levels
  • 55 instruments for getting rid of monsters
  • Interactive environment
  • Amazing realistic representation
  • Easy controls, challenging game play
  • Complete against members of your family

Spiky full HD

Hurry! You have to protect your house from an ALIEN attack! Grab whatever object you can find to chase these monsters away! Use anything in sight to defend yourself! Who cares if you happen to burn down the living room after throwing a flaming log? This is YOUR house and only YOU have the right to destroy it.

If you want to slow down a little and make the game easier, you can purchase the Double Weapon! Double Weapon is a one-time in-app purchase in Spiky that gives unlimited use of instruments to destroy monsters on any level you like.

In addition to the Double Weapon, Spiky now offers special stuff for Spikies! Create a special theme for your Spiky game - Christmas Time, University Life, or your own personallized theme! Play, create, and enjoy!

First 7 levels are free to play! You can unlock more levels if you like the game!

Remake HD
  • 12 incredible levels
  • An amazing realistic reproduction of physics!
  • Easy control and gameplay!
  • Complete with other family members!
  • High quality graphics!
  • Support for any models of IPad and IPhone!

Spiky remake HD

Attention: ALIENS are comming!
You have to protect your home immediately! Crush the blues, brush away the reds, grab and throw away the green monsters out of your room!

Be sure to repel all the attacks in time in order to prevent the aliens to seize your house! You have to act quickly and accurately, and with no panic! Otherwise you will lose everything!

The first levels are available free of charge! If you liked the game, you can buy every other level!

Touch the blue thornlings with your finger! Brush away the red monsters moving the finger to the right and to the left!

Touch the green thornling with your finger to catch it, and then throw it away in any direction and it will fly off the screen!